Bobby's Biography

Bobby was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica where he came to know Christ through missionaries who came to evangelize and build a church. Bobby migrated to the United States at the age of 19 and it afforded him the opportunity to live out his longtime dream of being a United States Marine.

In 2008, Bobby went on his first global mission trip to Azua, Dominican Republic with the high school student ministry. Although he didn’t speak the language, the experience opened his eyes to the need of sharing Jesus and the discipleship of young people. Teens were empowered to share the gospel in the towns and pray for people they didn’t know. The impact the mission trips had with high school students led Bobby to join the Global Mission Team at his home church, Christ Fellowship. He now leads mission trips in the Caribbean and Latin America. Bobby believes that going on a global mission trip is an important tool to grow one’s faith.

When he’s not leading a mission team around the world, Bobby serves as a Student Director at Christ Fellowship – Homestead. He also serves with First Priority of South Florida, where he shares his faith with students in public schools and mentors the next generation to share the gospel of Christ on their school campus.

Professionally, Bobby is a Financial Advisor Representative with Primerica Financial Services. He has over 12 years of experience in life insurance, investments, and debt resolution. Bobby believes that everyone should have the basic knowledge of how money works for their personal finance. He teaches all clients about the practical and Biblical need of savings through complimentary financial workshops held in the community and with small business owners.

Bobby has been married to his wife Tresha for 20 years. They have 6 children and are grandpa and glam-ma to 8 grandchildren.