Andres' Biography

A native from Colombia, South America, Andres has lived in the sunshine state for over 25 years. During these years he has mainly worked in the precast industry as a sales engineer, overseeing every facet of the business. Parallel to his full-time job, he has served the Lord in different local ministries at Christ Fellowship such as Director of Celebrate Recovery, Director of Spanish ministries, and Associate Spanish pastor.

Andres’s greatest passion is to lead those far away from God to a personal relationship with Jesus, by shepherding their heart with the gospel of Christ. That is why in 2017 he earned his Master in Divinity Degree, to better lead, disciple, and equip the followers of Christ. 

Recently, Andres with two other pastors ventured into planting a Webinar Church, a virtual non-profit platform to share God’s comforting Word throughout the world. The next step is to open a physical version of this webinar church in Miami, to be able to love and serve the local community where he lives. 

Among his other passions is to help restore broken marriages, facilitate Christian counseling, make disciples, and teach and preach the Word of God, all with the purpose of bringing glory to God.  

Within his future dreams is to earn a Doctor’s degree in counseling, open and/or join other nonprofit organizations that aid those who struggle with abortion, human trafficking, that have suffered abuse, or have no means to receive good sound doctrinal counseling.

Andres is also a third-degree taekwondo black belt, has done some minor jiu-jitsu training, loves to keep in shape by doing intermittent fasting, and has daily walk and exercise routines to keep him healthy. When he is not preparing a Sunday message, or working on ministry duties, Andres keeps the balance of his time busy with reading, getting a better understanding of theological doctrines, spending quality time with the love of his life, his wife Monica, sharing precious vacation moments with his fivefold family, and by spending relaxing fun time with his inner circle of dear friends.